We create brands, shape experiences and spread ideas


Strategy & Consulting Services

Strategy is all about choice. In defining the opportunities and threats, we prepare a strategy that sets out the future steps. We recommend activities that should be undertaken and mark out important goals to achieving a sustainable competitive advantage.

Consumer Communications

We focus on consumers, encouraging them to complete various actions – support a campaign, buy a product or a service and change their mind-set or behaviour on important social issues.

Corporate PR

We manage a company’s image and the image of its directors. We also support corporate social responsibility activities and deliver internal communication projects.

Content Marketing

From creative copywriting, through engaging graphics, to social media and web design, we deliver key messages on products and services by educating, inspiring and entertaining the audience. All to raise awareness, stimulate engagement and cultivate brand advocacy.

Media Relations

We ensure the presence of brands in the media by initiating relevant product placements, generating support for a specific idea or providing trend-specific commentary. We ensure the media is engaged on selected topics as well as deliver expert opinion about the market and consumer behaviour.

Product Launch Campaigns

Who are your customers? What is important to them? How do they spend their quality time? In our product launch campaigns we help generate media coverage, stimulate public interest and – indirectly – acquire market share.

Events & Fairs

We handle all the details, from creative concepts and planning to production and execution, to ensure that our clients receive the best possible results. We organise conferences on specific subjects, educational and promotional activities, corporate events, anniversary celebrations and store openings.

Research & Reports

We are driven by knowledge and data. We analyse market trends, create industry reports and set new directions. We also implement consumer research projects and prepare market reports based on an analysis of secondary sources (desk research) and a client’s own data.

Crisis Management

We manage crisis communications and undertake post-crisis communication activities aimed at rebuilding a compromised image and enhancing the level of social trust in a company.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We initiate and communicate important social, ecological and cultural initiatives. We also use our PR competence “pro bono publico”. We have helped the Serdecznik Foundation attract relevant media coverage for their main charity campaign.